Kid Comments

Barb loves to visit K-12 classrooms in the district. She enjoys teaching kids about government and the legislature. She really wants students to learn early that they are their government, how to get involved in their communities, and how to grow up to be responsible voters or even the next elected official at any level. 

“Dear Senator Goodwin,
Thank you for coming to our class and telling us about your job. I think your job is very hard, but I know you can handle it because while you were a Senator, things haven’t gone wrong for me.  When you came to Global Academy, I hope you enjoyed it because we all did.  P.S. Did your parents vote for you?  Your friend, A.J.”

“Dear Senator Goodwin,
I am very thankful that you came today [Global Academy in Columbia Heights].  I think you have a great personality.  You taught me a lot about the Senator’s life.  Your life seems even more interesting than my childhood.  I hope to be a Senator when I grow up.  I think the law about anti-bullying is a great idea.  You’re a good role model.  Sincerely, H.” 

“Dear Senator Goodwin, Thank you for spending your time with us.  I like the laws you wanted to have.  When you run for Senator, I will vote for you if I get the chance.  You are an amazing Senator and I hope you stay Senator because you will make the state a better place.  Thank you for sharing about your life.  N.” 

“Dear Ms. Goodwin,  Thanks for visiting our fourth grade class at Global Academy.  It was really nice you answering our questions.  I appreciate you telling us about being a senator.  I never knew the state system is so much like the country’s system.  One example is like how you said a governor can veto a bill, like a president.  Remember when you said you have a cabin in Pine City?  Well we had a field trip there to a fur trading post.  Sincerely, S.O.”

“Dear Mrs. Goodwin, I love the way you took your time to us.  You really are a good speaker even if you are shy.  I have a shy friend, she never mostly talk.  Anyway, I would love if you come back again.  From A.  P.S.  I liked your hair.  It’s cute.”

“Dear Senator Goodwin,  Thank you for coming to Global Academy and telling us about your job.  Thank you again for telling us about your sessions that took 120 days.  Thanks for telling us about the law you made to keep kids safe when they come to school when they are riding bike or walking.  Sincerely, A.M.”

“Dear Senator Goodwin,
Thank you for coming to Global Academy.  I learned about how laws are made.  I liked when you made my teacher laugh.  Did you now they used canoes long time go?  Sincerely, H.”

“Dear Senator Goodwin,  It was good to meet you.  I learned a lot from you.  One thing I learned you is that you work 16 hours a day!  Another thing is that you do your own shopping!  Have a great weekend!  Sincerely, A.”

“Dear Senator Goodwin, Thank you for visiting our class!  I have something that can be a law we could have 4 days of school and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays can be our weekend.  I want to thank you again for teaching us good things.  Sincerely, H.”

“Dear Senator Goodwin.  it was great to meet you.  You gave us good information.  I now know what you do as a senator.  You work for a very long time at work.  You help Columbia Heights very good.  P.S. hope you come to our school again.  Sincerely, H.M.