Authored Bills

Bills chief authored by Barb Goodwin in the House and Senate by community of interest.


HF3246: State government consultant use limited, savings added to the general education basic formula allowance, and money appropriated

HF2745: School boards required to adopt policy prohibiting intimidation and bullying, and other harassment and violence policy consistency required.

HF1033: Pupil unit counting methods modified.

HF0741: Alternative facilities program eligibility expanded to districts with older facilities.

HF0542: Special education; 100 percent state funding provided for special education revenue, and money appropriated.

HF0313: Kindergarten; voluntary full-day kindergarten funding established and money appropriated.

HF2176: Social studies graduation standards proposal deadline extended.

HF1346: Enrollment options compensatory revenue established allowing compensatory revenue amounts to follow a student to a nonresident school district, and money appropriated.

SF1439: Safe routes to school program establishment, bond issue and appropriation

SF1222: Nonpublic schools obligations

Government Accountability

HF2752: State government use of consultants limited and moratorium on consulting contracts imposed.

HF0671: Public utilities commission required to ensure accurate utility bills, public utilities required to offer budget plans subject to approval, billing practices investigated, penalties provided, and technical provisions modified.

HF0234: Legislative day definition modified.

HF2264: State service contracts and solicitations required to state where work will be performed, state contractors required to disclose information from people they contact, and report required.

HF0384: Consultant moratorium imposed on state government entities, and contracting law provisions modified.

HF3888: Commerce Department utility assessment adjustments calendar quarter changed.

HF0418: State service contracts and solicitations for state service contracts required to contain information on where work will be performed, state contractors required to disclose information from people they contact, and report required.

SF1616: City charter commission expenses payment provision

Firearm Safety

HF2737: Firearms possession lifetime prohibition imposed on persons convicted of a crime of violence.

HF0538: Firearm possession, shipping, and transport lifetime prohibition imposed on certain felons, and crime of violence definition modified.

SF1617: Firearms possession restoration for violent felons repeal

Tax Issues

HF2736: Bakery goods including bread specifically exempted from the prepared foods sales tax.

HF1998: Long-term care individual income tax credit expanded and money appropriated.

HF2283: Homeowners’ Protection Act established, mold-contaminated structures property tax reduction provided, attorney fees added to warranty damages, warranty exclusions limited, and home inspector program established.

HF0320: Tax refund interest payment provisions modified.

HF3221: Taxpayers’ Transportation Accountability Act; private contract cost comparisons required, privatization cost savings minimum specified, and report required.

Campaign Financing & Candidate Issues

HF1904 & SF0148: Local political campaign disclosure of contributions and expenditures increased.

SF0553: Candidate permission to serve as an election judge in certain precincts authorization

Public Employee Issues

HF2000: Correctional employees plan service credit provided for a specified former corrections employee.

SF0554: Legislative employees organization and collective bargaining agreement negotiation authorization

Public Transit Issues

HF1932: Multimodal transportation fund established, portion of metropolitan area sales tax dedicated, and money appropriated.

HF0116: Northstar Commuter Rail Line funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

Healthcare Issues

HF1546 & SF1341: Alzheimer’s; disclosure of form of care required in certain special care status units, and penalties and remedies provided.

HF1329: Medical assistance dental service coverages extended to include porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and fixed bridges.

HF1434: Automatic external defibrillator acquisition and distribution program established, and money appropriated

HF0537: Health Department collection of health records with patient names restricted.

HF3560: Pharmacist refusal to dispense legend drugs prohibited and disciplinary action provided.

HF3104: Failure to dispense prescriptions drugs penalties provided.

HF2258: Health care provider payment disclosure required.

HF1610: Patient’s consent required to transmit medical records out of the country.

HF0937: Medical assistance covered services modified.

SF1728: Health records duplication costs reduction

Public Health & Safety

HF1131: High-risk youth placement advisory task force established and report required.

HF0393: High-risk youth placement advisory task force provided, and report required.

HF1807: Family service cooperatives administrative efficiency directive provided, and report required.

HF0763: Collaborative services for at-risk children program funding required.

SF1552: Theatrical productions smoking prohibition


HF3453: State budget prescribed and continuing appropriations for operation of state government provided.

HF0535: Nonprofit organization compensation disclosures required.

SF0975: State agency deficiency funding appropriations for public safety, judicial standards board, tax court and secretary of state; state land sales minimum sale requirement modification


HF1428: Foodshelf programs funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF0117: Elder care leave provided.

HF2122: Social services for children with serious emotional disturbances specified.

SF0245: Grandparent visitation provisions modification

SF0070: Food shelf programs and food stamp outreach grants appropriations

Homeowner Issues

HF0205: Detachment and annexation process alternative established for residential property parcels that are split among school districts.

HF3559: Statutory housing warranties regulated and modified.

HF3558: Statutory housing warranties regulated and legislative intent clarified.

HF1114: Home improvement construction defects relief provided.

HF1113: Housing warranties remedies provisions modified.

HF0420: Homestead property damaged by mold property tax reduction provided.

Community Interests

HF3676: St. Anthony; Silver Lake Special Recreation Feature development provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF2260: Fridley; Springbrook Nature Center redevelopment funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

SF0656: Coon Rapids bicycle and pedestrian trail construction grant bond issue and appropriation

SF0404: Fridley Springbrook nature center redevelopment and expansion grant bond issue and appropriation

SR0042: A Senate resolution honoring Elaina Hamann of Columbia Heights on being named a Prudential Spirit of Community Award 2011 Distinguished Finalist

Consumer Rights

HF2259: Phone cards required to clearly state expiration dates.

Fishing and Gaming Issues

HF0457: Deer transport and exhibition authorized.

HF0421: Deer exhibition special permit provisions modified.

Professional Sports

SF2618: Professional football and soccer stadium planning and financing; metropolitan sports authority establishment

SF1377: Metrodome task force establishment

Animal Rights Issues

SF0462: Dog and cat breeders standards of care